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Since Windows 95 it always took couple steps to get to the “Add or Remove Programs” in Windows XP or “Programs and Features” in Windows Vista or Windows 7. Here is the quickest way to access the Add or Remove.

Sometimes it is easier to ask somebody to press couple keyboard shortcut and enter panel name to get to a panel then to walk then trough the process of start -> control panel-> … etc. Plus Microsoft keeps changing the way you access it.

Here is what I use most of the time; it should work for Windows XP, Windows Vista and the latest

Step 1
Press this combination of keys to bring Run dialog box (Windows Key + R)

Keyboard Shortcuts

Step 2
Type appwiz.cpl into the Run dialog box and Click OK

Run dialog box

Once you clicked OK the “Add or Remove Programs” or “Programs and Features” will appear it depends on the operating system that you are running.

Getting to the Panels from command prompt.

Step 1.

Repeat Step 1 Above.

Step 2.

Type cmd to bring command prompt window then Press OK

Step 3

Type appwiz.cpl in the command prompt and it will bring the Control Panels.

Windows XP

Windows XP Add or Remove Programs

Windows 7 and Vista should look similar this is screen shot is from Windows 7.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista

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