MSN Live Messenger Login Problem Error Codes: 80191002, 81000306

Windows Live Messenger

Live Messenger

I have been using MSN Live Messenger for a while until I started to run into Error Code Messages. I was getting error message Error Code: 80191002
Double checked my email address and password, when I tried again I still was getting Error Code: 80191002 message.

FIX Error Code 80191002: To get the error resolved follow the steps below. (I am running Windows Vista Home Premium, but following same steps should get those errors resolved in Windows XP)

1. First go to Start->Control Panel -> Programs and Features

2. In the search box type Live

Live Search

Search Box

or look for Windows Live Essentials and double click to get the Uninstall or repair your Windows Live programs Wizard.

Live Search

Windows Live Essentials

3. Select Repair

Live Search

Uninstall or repair your Windows Live programs

(Before you click continue make sure to close msn messenger)

Live Search

Close MSN Live Messenger

<4. Once the repair process is done You must restart your computer. If you will not restart your computer and will try to login you will get Error 81000306.

Live Search

You must restart your computer

Once you will restart your computer you should not long have Error Code 80191002 when trying to sign in to MSN Live Messenger. By following the steps above you might be able to fix other Error Code 801xxxxx. Also you might be able to lunch the repair process by downloading free windows live messenger and lunching the install.

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Article that will help to follow the steps above.

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  1. manuel den hertog

    i’ve tried this 6 times but it doesn’t work, also i tried re-installing and
    other things but it doesn’t work
    we also have a pc upstairs and on that pc wlm is doing fine so i don’t understand anything.
    do you have an other solution?

    sorry for my bad english
    i’m from holland haha

    1. Iglon

      Have you followed the steps above to repair Windows Live Messenger? I have tried to do a re-install too, and for some reason it wouldn’t fix the Error, so I had to do a repair and it finally fixed the Error Code 80191002 that I had on my system.

  2. Stacey

    Unfortunately, these steps do not help me. It all boils down to restart your computer. When you’re in the middle of a project and have been for many weeks, restarting is just NOT an option.

    Bottom line: MSN is broken and needs some recoding.

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