How to move MySql databases to a new system

I have recently updated up Development System and had to move a lot of MySql databases.

Since phpMyAdmin was not an option to move a ton of databases I have made some research and was happy to find out that mysql command line tool has options to do a full dump.

The following command will dump all mysal databases to file all_dbs.sql

mysqldump -u username -p – -all-databases > all_dbs.sql

Once I have made a full dump I tried to do phpMyAdmin import but since the dump was had multiple databases the size of the file was large.

I didn’t want to mess with configs to allow big file uploads. I want back to mysql command line for importing the databases.

The following command will import all_dbs.sql dump into mysql.

mysql -u root -p <all_dbs.sql

This works great if you are upgrading XAMPP or just want to backup all databases.

Hope that helps some of you.

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