Android ADT 22 Update Error ClassNotFoundException

android tools sdk rev 22 error

I have done the same thing as many of you, I have run an updated on android SDK Manager and got the SDK Tools updated to Rev 22 and run update in Eclipse.

Everything was great and I was ready to run Eclipse to utilize new features. To my surprise (not really) the app I was developing crashed with Error  java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.acra.ACRA.

Well I thought something is going on with ACRA library so I removed it from the app. Run the app again and it crashed again with Error java.lang.RuntimeExceptoin: Unable to instantiate activity ComponentInfo{com.xyx.appname/MainActivity}

I thought great what could be now. Yesterday (5-15-13) Google Just released Android Studio I was not sure if that was sign to move my development to it.

After googling for some time I can accross solution that worked for me hope it does same to you.

Here is the solution from Nikolay:

For my project I had to

  1. Right click the project, and choose Properties
  2. Go to Java Build Path-Order and Export.
  3. Tick ‘Android Private Libraries’

Thanks Nikolay solution link


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